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I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Université de Montréal. My research focuses on how governments use borders to stop and manage spontaneous migration, and I am particularly interested in the tension between states’ priorities in the area of migration policy and the protection of migrants’ rights. I have published work on the evolution of contemporary European and North American borders in journals such as Political GeographyJournal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesMigration StudiesInternational Migration, and Citizenship Studies.

Download my CV here (Nov 2023):

Research Areas

  • Political Geography

  • Geopolitics

  • Borders & Migration

  • Forced Migration

  • EU & Canada

  • Unaccompanied Migrant Children

Funded Projects

  • The impact of restrictive border policies on unaccompanied migrant children in North America and Europe (PI)

  • Les enfants qui voyagent seuls : le parcours des mineurs non accompagnés vers l'Union Européenne (PI).

  • Équipe de recherche sur l’immigration dans le Québec et ailleurs (ÉRIQA) (collaborator).


Postdoctorate: McGill University (Prof. Vandna Sinha)

PhD (Geography): University of British Columbia (Profs. David Ley and Dan Hiebert)

M.A. (Geography): University of British Columbia (Profs. David Ley and Dan Hiebert)

B.A. (Sociology): Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Jean Monnet Centre Montreal
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